Catholicism has always been a tradition in  Satu Mare.  After the events in 1989, many caring people have dedicated themselves to it. Due to their help, today, youths can be educated in this spirit. In this respect, bishop  Reizer Pál has a trimendous contribution. Our institution is named after bishop Hám János (1827-1857) who through his activity influenced greatly the today’s aspect of our town.

We are a state-owned institution, and  our instructional and educational activities are run in accordance to M.E.C.T.S legislation in force, the teaching- learning process is based on approved programmes and teaching materials. Following the baccalaureate exam, learners can continue their studies to any university they choose.

Since January 5, 2004, our school has been moved into a part of the building belonging to the Roman Catholic Diocese of Satu Mare.  The professorial board  has 49 teachers, while the number of pre-school children and learners is 677.

Our school focuses on sciences and vocational education. Our institution has high school classes for arts- vocational line, sciences- theoretical line, gymnasium classes and primary education. For the pre-school children groups teaching is made in Hungarian and German Language. Learners have the advantages to attend school before noon and thus having continuity in learning. They benefit within school of an important source of materials( AEL –laboratory, laboratory informatics, sport room, sport field, ceremony room, canteen). Over the last years, our students have obtained notable results at National  Romanian language and literature Olypmiad, Hungarian language and literature Olympiad, County Mathematics Olympiad,  Mathematics contest „Zrinyi Ilona”, Cangurul, Gordius, National Roman Catholic Religion Olympiad. Besides the state scholarships , we offer our students the following rewards: scholarships and social grant supported by Pax Association.

Extra curricular activities

Yearly, are organized  parents- teachers- students meetings, spiritual practices at the Pastoral Center at Socond,  and at „Helga Winter”House at Ardud-Vii . These activities usually take place at weekends with the purpose to consolidate the group and develop durable  relations.

 Within our school runs : a theatre group in Hungarian language, a poetry group, a popular dance group, literature circle, school magazine „Ösvény” and „Ham Radio”. Moreover ,we are very proud of our  basketball team, handball and football team, that represent our school successfully at school championships.

Our goal is to educate young catholics in the religious spirit, to help them form and develop their personality, when it’s most needed in a world dominated by indolence, atheism, liberalism and other forms of moral nihilism. The symbol (logo) of “Hám János” high school is the knot between the monogram of Christ and the initials of Mother of God- suggesting- endeavour over time: with Mother of God to Christ (Per Mariam ad Jesum). The sign is on the school green-white flag, on badges, cards, etc. The first impression that is reflected by our school is a good relations between teachers and students, and a collegial atmosphere in general. Subjects are taught in Hungarian language, mother-tongue of the learners, and through moral-christian education our students show a spirit of tolerance towards other religions and nationalities. The Harmonia choir and the instrumental band Historias, lead by our music teacher, represent our school with honor. They participate annualy in different contests in our country and abroad.